The TAIROS prefabricated bathroom is designed to be crane-lifted and therefore has a torsion-resistant shell. The shell modules are constructed by our skilled team on-site and consists of three main assembly units:

The TAIROS flooring element, the TAIROS wall elements, the TAIROS ceiling element

The individual assembly units are force-locked into place through the structural design and crane-ready prefabricated construction.

TAIROS flooring element:
• Water-resistant multilayered floor structure with profiled edges for the insertion of the walls. The outer shell is made from a sendzimir-galvanised steel sheet.
• Insert made from a water-resistant, bilaterally-sealed hard stone wool.
• Shower area with a floor drainage gradient.
• Floor drainage with a strainer and a stainless steel strainer mount.
• Ceramic tiles laid with industrial special tile adhesive (different for natural stone). Floor tiles are also available with a special joint sealant, and wall-floor joints with an epoxy resin respectively.

TAIROS wall elements:
• Self-suppoting multilayered wall element.
• Inner and outer shell made from a sendzimir-galvanised steel sheet.
• With reinforcing elements for bearing sanitary object loads.
• Sound and heat-absorbing hard stone wool at the core.
• Ceramic tiles laid using an industrial special joint sealant (different for natural stone).
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