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Advantages of the TAIROS Fertigbad GmbH construction principle:

• Individual design possibilities of the floor plan through a large number of bathroom models, which are constructed according to the building block concept.

• The prefabricated bathrooms have a low deadweight (approx. 210-250 kg/m2) which is advantageous for old building renovations.

• The latest CAD and CNC technologies ensure an efficient production of prefabricated bathrooms. Prefabricated bathrooms are cheaper, more lightweight and environmentally-friendly.
• CAD construction saves time when designing, constructing and working with unusual combinations of materials. It also offers quick solutions for different bathroom model designs.

• The floor, wall and ceiling construction elements are self-supporting bathroom units designed as sandwich modules. This offers a wide range of design possibilities with short construction times and low cost expenses.

• The sandwich construction (galvanised sheet with core insulation) allows for an optimal design of the floor plan.

• A wide range of different materials can be used in the prefabricated bathroom such as tiles, granite, marble, wood imitations or foil-coated sheets in different colour combinations.
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